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Youthful touches included rough embroidery in contrasting kinetic lines on the backs of jackets or on shirts worn with tailored suits. The silhouette was boxy with square jackets over loose pants. "The embroidery translates the busy-ness of the street. The show is about Salvatore on the street, a young man on the street, and the allegory of the busy-ness is translated in the diversity of the boy's silhouettes," Meilland said. Boyish sweaters tucked into trousers, or hung out of the back of jackets, for a dash-about feel. Bulky knit mittens exuded hominess. The แฟ ชั้น กระเป๋า 2017 collection is strong on the brand's trademark leather garments, featuring flight jackets and biker jackets. Shoes included an American-style work boot with thick sole covered with rubber studs, alongside finer Italian footwear. "I want to bring the idea of ease, of comfort, to menswear," Meilland said backstage. "I want to get rid of conformity." ____ UTILITARIAN HIP British designer Lee Wood has infused the Dirk Bikkemberg's brand with a northern European utilitarian hipness, clothes for the urbanite on the go. The clean collection marked a new era for the Belgian brand, with sharply defined silhouettes.

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But there are things I am a little nervous about too. Coming off the fifth straight year of a severe drought that has dried up rivers and drained reservoirs to historic lows, Wegis and other farmers see Trump as a potential ally in their efforts to roll back state and federal regulations they say have limited their access to what little water California does have. The battle over Californias water is one that extends back decades, drawing battle lines between farmers and environmentalists and big cities versus small. (Whiskey is for drinkin, and water is for fightin, people here joke.) Its a complicated policy war that many national politicians have tried to avoid, including President Obama. During a 2013 trip to the region, Obama offered up disaster relief for the drought, but vowed to steer clear of the water debate. I want to get out alive, he declared. View photos Slideshow: Scenes from the road in Donald Trumps America >>> But when Trump campaigned in nearby Fresno last summer, the New York billionaire dove into the water dispute headfirst. Calling the water problem so insane, Trump falsely declared there was no natural drought, but rather a lack of water primarily caused by overregulation and environmental laws. Farmers contend they are co-existing problems that have forced them to fallow millions of acres of land in recent years because they couldnt afford to water their crops. It is so ridiculous, Trump said of the issue, vowing he would fix it. Believe me, were going to start opening up the water, so that you can have your farmers survive, he said.

15, 2017. ALL OTHER USE PROHIBITED. ORG XMIT: XNYT83 Purchase: Order Reprint This is the first year that United Airlines will be offering "basic economy" fares the lowest prices on a particular flight, but with notable restrictions such as: You don't receive a seat assignment until check-in (and sitting next to your traveling companions is not guaranteed), you're the last to board, and you're not allowed to bring on a full-size carry-on bag (which means no use of the overhead bins). On the list of things travelers care about, overhead storage is second only to legroom, according to interviews conducted in December by Morning Consult, a media and technology company. Even so, 45 percent of fliers said they would buy a "basic economy" fare. And those travelers aren't necessarily strapped for cash: Some 39 percent of fliers earning $100,000 or more told Morning Consult that they were likely to purchase a basic economy ticket. Are there loopholes to get around those restrictive carry-on baggage and boarding rules? Will more major airlines begin restricting access to their overhead bin space? And while we're talking about space, which carry-on size will actually make it past the gate agent and onto the plane? Are there ร้าน รองเท้า แฟชั่น ways to save on airlines that already charge for carry-ons? How to skirt the rules If you buy one of United's "basic economy" fares, you can bring along a personal item like a laptop bag or backpack that is 9 inches by 10 inches by 17 inches or less, but not carry-on luggage (hence why you're not given access to the overhead bins).

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